Thursday, August 19, 2010

Product Review of Mineralz Cosmetics =)

Hi =) This is my review of a company I found recently called Mineralz Cosmetics. Here's a link to their website. I believe that they're a pretty new company but they have lots of colors for a low price and guess what?! FREE SHIPPING FOREVER!

The colors are very pigmented and blend very easily. Sample baggies are only $1 so I highly suggest you check them out and try out their stuff. 

  • Islands - A gorgeous teal color! 

  • Blueberry - Out of all the colors I received from them, this one is my favorite. It's soooo pretty and fun to use.

  • Sapphire - This was a free sample included with my order. I'm glad that they sent it because it's a darker blue than I usually use and I wouldn't of ordered it but I'm really liking it. It's sort of a steel blue color that blends really well with other blues.

  • Lime - Beautiful, light green. 

  • Lemon Drop - This is a really great yellow. I thought it would be too light but when applied, it's very bright!

  • Juicy - Amazing orange color.. blends really well too!

  • Raspberry - Very pretty pink color! It's quite similar to their other color, Cherry, but is a bit deeper.

And now for a couple of looks I did using Mineralz Cosmetics! 

This one is using Island, Blueberry, and Sapphire.. The white in the inner corner is Faith by Heavenly Naturals. 

This one is using Raspberry, Juicy, Lemon Drop, and Lime. 

Overall Thoughts:
Not the most original stuff but still nice products for a low prices and free shipping! Doesn't get any better than that. 

Thanks for reading!! Leave comments if you'd like =)


  1. You have GREAT swatches! Too bad they're just repackaged "stock" colors- or I might consider them becuz your post is great. Not even all the names are changed- lol =-)

    & also love your photos! Very clear & well done! :)

  2. Aww, thanks for reading! Yeah, I know that.. One thing though is that they are a veryyyy new company so they'll hopefully have more original, different stuff in the near future.

  3. I am the owner of Mineralz Cosmetics. I do admit that some of my colors are not exclusive to Mineralz Cosmetics. These colors are very popular colors, as you probably know. We do have lots of new colors being formulated now and hope you will like them!

  4. BTW-I think I already said it, but, Chrissy, thanks for sharing here, I appreciate it. :)

  5. Hi, Christina! Yep, there's nothing wrong with selling popular colors as they are. There's some companies selling these colors for $12 a jar and totally ripping people off for shipping so it's great that Mineralz Cosmetics is making them available for a very affordable price =) Also, I felt that even though I had other colors that were similar to these, I think yours were much smoother! So thank you for reading this! =)))