Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Tutorial - How to turn SugarPill pressed shadows into gorgeous lip glosses!

Hiii =) So. . After using SugarPill's Dollipop pressed shadow as a blush for my last look, I realized that these amazing products work on more than just eyes! They make awesome, bright lip glosses! It's very simple to do it.. They're pretty similar to the OCC Lip Tars in extreme colors. I realize that the blue, green, orange, and black ones aren't very wearable on a daily basis but for a wild night out or a party, they're great!

If this interests you, check out some swatches of how it turned out and a mini tutorial on how I did it <3

AfterParty & Tako -

BulletProof -

Midori & Tako -

Love+ & Tako -

Flame Point & Butter Cupcake -

Poison Plum, Tako, and Dollipop -

And lastly, this one was my FAVORITE. I'm thinking of mixing a whole jar of it!

Dollipop & Tako -

And here's just one I did for fun using all of the colors

If you liked how those turned out or are curious about experimenting with your own color mixes.. Here's how I did it ^_^

What you'll need is a SugarPill pressed shadow(I used Midori for this tutorial) and a clear or nude lip gloss(I used a Wet N' Wild clear gloss with slight shimmer). If you don't have any clear lip gloss, vaseline will work fine too. 

  • Step 1

- You'll need a flat surface to mix it on.. I used the back of a price tag from my jeans. 
- Squeeze a tiny dime sized amount of gloss/vaseline onto your surface. Don't use too much. You can always add more later, if needed.
  • Step 2
- Take a small lip brush or a Q-tip and get a good amount on the tip. 

  • Step 3 
- Slowly stir it in until it starts to turn into a shade that you like. If it's too dark, try adding some white shadow. If it's too light, add more of your original color. 
  • Step 4 - 
- Apply to lips. You can always add more color while it's on your lips as well. Gently pat a small amount it on top and smudge it.

Thanks for reading!! Leave comments if you'd like <3


  1. wow, that orange one is so cool!

  2. I never would have thought of doing that. Very clever!

  3. I love the green, blue and the insane bright pink!