Thursday, August 26, 2010

my latest Beauty From The Earth order =)

Hiii ! As you may know, BFTE is one of my favorite makeup companies. Here's some thoughts, swatches, & looks from my most recent order =)

I ordered the Color Of The Week, Aphrodite, as well as 4 sample jars in Peacock.. Cloud 9.. Orchid.. and Sour.. I also ordered these GORGEOUS blue rhinestone eyelashes... I received two free samples of Grape and Big Island <3

Aphrodite is by far my favorite color from BFTE.. It's a purple on the lavender side with tons of pink & silver sparkles. It's gorgeous <3

Cloud 9 is a white shimmery color with great coverage. If applied lightly, it can work as a highlight color. If applied harder, it's great for the inner corner of an eye.

Sour is an amazing green color. It reminds me of a jungle for some reason. It has shimmer and hints of silver. 

Peacock is one of my favorite blues of all time. It looks quite different when applied than it does  in the jar. It has an iridescent finish on it that looks absolutely beautiful!

Orchid is a pink-ish purple-ish color. Very pretty. Works great with Aphrodite and Rock You.

Grape is a very bright purple color. I love that BFTE included this color because it shows that they don't just give any random sample they feel like. they actually pay attention to what would compliment the other colors you ordered. 

Big Island is AMAZING. All I can say is wowwww. It's a gold, bronze color that looks pink-ish when the light hits it. I'm so glad I got this sample. I need it in my life!

I haven't tried the eyelashes yet but I will definitely be updating this post with pictures & thoughts when I do. 

Here's a couple of looks I did while playing with the colors I got in this order!

This is Peacock & Big Island
This is Aphrodite & Peacock

This was using Cloud 9, Orchid, Aphrodite, Rock You, and Grape  =) 
Kinda reminded me of a faerie princess. .

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Tutorial - How to turn SugarPill pressed shadows into gorgeous lip glosses!

Hiii =) So. . After using SugarPill's Dollipop pressed shadow as a blush for my last look, I realized that these amazing products work on more than just eyes! They make awesome, bright lip glosses! It's very simple to do it.. They're pretty similar to the OCC Lip Tars in extreme colors. I realize that the blue, green, orange, and black ones aren't very wearable on a daily basis but for a wild night out or a party, they're great!

If this interests you, check out some swatches of how it turned out and a mini tutorial on how I did it <3

AfterParty & Tako -

BulletProof -

Midori & Tako -

Love+ & Tako -

Flame Point & Butter Cupcake -

Poison Plum, Tako, and Dollipop -

And lastly, this one was my FAVORITE. I'm thinking of mixing a whole jar of it!

Dollipop & Tako -

And here's just one I did for fun using all of the colors

If you liked how those turned out or are curious about experimenting with your own color mixes.. Here's how I did it ^_^

What you'll need is a SugarPill pressed shadow(I used Midori for this tutorial) and a clear or nude lip gloss(I used a Wet N' Wild clear gloss with slight shimmer). If you don't have any clear lip gloss, vaseline will work fine too. 

  • Step 1

- You'll need a flat surface to mix it on.. I used the back of a price tag from my jeans. 
- Squeeze a tiny dime sized amount of gloss/vaseline onto your surface. Don't use too much. You can always add more later, if needed.
  • Step 2
- Take a small lip brush or a Q-tip and get a good amount on the tip. 

  • Step 3 
- Slowly stir it in until it starts to turn into a shade that you like. If it's too dark, try adding some white shadow. If it's too light, add more of your original color. 
  • Step 4 - 
- Apply to lips. You can always add more color while it's on your lips as well. Gently pat a small amount it on top and smudge it.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Wizard Of Oz Inspired look =)

Hiii =) One of my favorite makeup companies, Beauty From The Earth, is coming out with a Wizard Of Oz collection. I love the movie sooo much! My whole room is decorated with it!

After they announced this was coming soon, I was inspired to do this look based on the classic scene in the beginning. For those who don't remember... After the tornado, Dorothy & Toto land in Oz.. Their house crushes the Wicked Witch of The East and killed her. All you can see are her black & white striped knee highs and ofcourse, the famous Ruby Red Slippers =)

For this look I used the following products:
  • Beauty From The Earth - Addicted eye pigment
  • Beauty From The Earth - Queen Of Hearts cosmetic glitter
  • SugarPill - Bulletproof (applied wet)
  • SugarPill - Tako (applied wet)
  • SugarPill - Asylum
  • Max Factor 2,000 Calorie Mascara in Very Black

I can't wait for this collection to come out.. They already revealed a sneak peek of it.. It should be released very soon so check out their website for more details <3

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look inspired by the adorable SugarPill Cosmetics Addicted To Pretty palette's packaging =)

Hiii =) So.. aside from the fact that SugarPill's cosmetics are amazing, their packaging is the cutest thing EVER. I loved it so much that I decided to play dress up and do a tribute to it!  I had a lot of fun doing this look so I hope you like it <3

First, I bought a long, black wig with bangs. .

Then, I went to the craft store to get a bow, some beads for the strings, and a button for the top of the bow!

Here's how it came out.. It's not exactly like it but it's a close enough replica ^_^

Lasty, I did my makeup to look like the adorable girl on the package..

Products I used:

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance as primer all over the lids

- SugarPill's Buttercupcake & After Party on the eyes

- SugarPill's Dollipop on my cheeks as blush

- SugarPill's PoisonPlum mixed with MAC's fuschia pigment & some Wet N' Wild clear lip gloss for the lips

- MaxFactor 2,000 Calorie mascara in Very Black for the lashes

- MAC eyeliner in Black for the water line

- Too Faced Primed & Poreless all over the face

- Sheer Cover's mineral foundation in Almond for the face

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Friday, August 20, 2010

"My Favorite Things" Upcoming Giveaway =) lots of stuff - makeup, designer handbag, lotions, etc

Hiii =) In honor of the new blog, I've decided to have a huge giveaway of all of my favorite things! Make up, handbags, lotions, sprays, jewelry, etc !

All of the prizes were either purchased by me or received while working at a fashion/business event this year =)

Here's a sneak peak of what the prizes will be.. There's more to come.. I'm just waiting on some of the prizes I ordered to come in the mail but here's what is ready so far <3 Hope you like!

- 3 gorgeous authentic Juicy Couture items.. a hot pink handbag, a purple & silver oversized ring, and my favorite lotion to use, Viva La Juicy!

- SugarPill loose shadow in Royal Sugar.. Everyone should own this color! It's so pretty! 

- Beauty From The Earth mineral eye pigment in Lemon.. I feel that this is the best yellow in my make up collection =) more products from BFTE will be given away as prizes as well! 

- A few items from Victoria's Secret.. this amazing coconut scented body spray and 4 beautiful lip glosses!

-  2 lip glosses from BeBe

- The most INCREDIBLE lotion in the world. It's from the famous Dylan's Candy Bar. The scent is Chocolate Cupcake. Don't use this when you're hungry ;) hehe

- A pack of 35+ adorable Ed Hardy temporary tattoos. I love these! They're especially fun in the summer =)

- 3 fantastic mini sizes of Australian Gold tanning lotions. I know that tanning is kind of a no-no in the beauty world but I'm addicted to the sun! Using lotions when tanning keeps the skin moisturized and helps it not get dried out from the heat. These lotions are loaded with bronzers and make your skin glow.

- 3 cute handbags. . (each will be filled with assorted cosmetics)

- Essence of Beauty is a company with very affordable make up brushes that you can find at most drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. Out of all the drug store brushes, these have the best quality and last the longest. They're pretty comparable to professional brushes from MAC, which really says a lot. 

This is a travel/portable item.. It has 5 interchangeable brush tips depending on what kind of product you are applying. I think it was a very cute idea =) My camera died before I could take a pic of it so I just took this one off the CVS website. I'll post a better one as soon as I can.

Okay, that's all for now. The other prizes include nail polish, eye lashes, and a few items from Beauty From The Earth, Fyrinnae, Glamour Doll Eyes, Mineralz Cosmetics, Heavenly Naturals, Spell Cosmetics, and a few others! 

Hopefully by next week, all the other prizes will have arrived and I will have the official contest post up =) Thanks for reading!! Leave a comment if you'd like <3