Monday, September 13, 2010

Another BFTE order/review =)

Hiii! Here's some swatches & thoughts on my latest order from BFTE =)

Lavish - A very bright lime green color with shimmer..

Jazzy - A darker green than Lavish but still bright.. Has more of a frost finish than a shimmery one

Paris - This color was RIDICULOUS. I'm sooo angry that my camera failed to capture the amazing color & sparkle of this! I was seriously staring at it in the jar for like 10 minutes. It's incredible. Anyone who loves pink & sparkle MUST buy this!

EDIT: I previously had this mislabeled as Aloha! *face palm* No wonder a bunch of people were like "um? mine doesn't look like that!".. Haha Sorry!

Fire Dancer - Wowww I was really impressed by this. It's a beautiful red color that isn't too dark. LOTS of shimmer on this as you can see from this pic!

Sunset Blvd -  This is the ultimate autumn color. It has sort of a gold-ish copper-ish base with hints of orange, red, and yellow sparkle. Totally reminds me of when the leaves start to change color in the fall season!

Tickle Me - My camera died before I could take a pic of the jar but here's a swatch of it. It's a blue/green combination with lots of shine. It looks even more amazing when the light hits it.. I adore this color. Definitely in my Top 5 blue shadows of all time =)

Thanks for reading!! Leave comments if you'd like ^_^