Friday, August 20, 2010

"My Favorite Things" Upcoming Giveaway =) lots of stuff - makeup, designer handbag, lotions, etc

Hiii =) In honor of the new blog, I've decided to have a huge giveaway of all of my favorite things! Make up, handbags, lotions, sprays, jewelry, etc !

All of the prizes were either purchased by me or received while working at a fashion/business event this year =)

Here's a sneak peak of what the prizes will be.. There's more to come.. I'm just waiting on some of the prizes I ordered to come in the mail but here's what is ready so far <3 Hope you like!

- 3 gorgeous authentic Juicy Couture items.. a hot pink handbag, a purple & silver oversized ring, and my favorite lotion to use, Viva La Juicy!

- SugarPill loose shadow in Royal Sugar.. Everyone should own this color! It's so pretty! 

- Beauty From The Earth mineral eye pigment in Lemon.. I feel that this is the best yellow in my make up collection =) more products from BFTE will be given away as prizes as well! 

- A few items from Victoria's Secret.. this amazing coconut scented body spray and 4 beautiful lip glosses!

-  2 lip glosses from BeBe

- The most INCREDIBLE lotion in the world. It's from the famous Dylan's Candy Bar. The scent is Chocolate Cupcake. Don't use this when you're hungry ;) hehe

- A pack of 35+ adorable Ed Hardy temporary tattoos. I love these! They're especially fun in the summer =)

- 3 fantastic mini sizes of Australian Gold tanning lotions. I know that tanning is kind of a no-no in the beauty world but I'm addicted to the sun! Using lotions when tanning keeps the skin moisturized and helps it not get dried out from the heat. These lotions are loaded with bronzers and make your skin glow.

- 3 cute handbags. . (each will be filled with assorted cosmetics)

- Essence of Beauty is a company with very affordable make up brushes that you can find at most drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc. Out of all the drug store brushes, these have the best quality and last the longest. They're pretty comparable to professional brushes from MAC, which really says a lot. 

This is a travel/portable item.. It has 5 interchangeable brush tips depending on what kind of product you are applying. I think it was a very cute idea =) My camera died before I could take a pic of it so I just took this one off the CVS website. I'll post a better one as soon as I can.

Okay, that's all for now. The other prizes include nail polish, eye lashes, and a few items from Beauty From The Earth, Fyrinnae, Glamour Doll Eyes, Mineralz Cosmetics, Heavenly Naturals, Spell Cosmetics, and a few others! 

Hopefully by next week, all the other prizes will have arrived and I will have the official contest post up =) Thanks for reading!! Leave a comment if you'd like <3 


  1. OMGosh...what a FANfreakin'TABULOUS giveaway!!


  2. and btw, congrats on the launch of a blog - it's hard work!!
    loved all your makeup looks i've seen on BFTE fan page! ;]

  3. Squee! Cant wait for a chance at the goodies! :D Yay!

  4. SWEEEEEEEEEEET! I cant wait! GL with your blog and I cant wait to see more looks and reviews!

  5. awesome! can't wait to get a chance to win these ;) YAY!

  6. Yay! This is great! I can't wait!