Thursday, August 19, 2010

Product Haul & Review =) Sugar Pill Cosmetics !

Hiiii =) I'm so excited about this review. SugarPill is a company for those who are very daring and extreme with makeup. The colors are RIDICULOUSLY bright. I was in shock! The company was founded by Amy, who many know as Shrinkle. I'm very impressed by how hard she works to please her customers! You can really see Amy's spirit in every aspect of SugarPill Cosmetics =) She's a big inspiration to me.  Here's a link to the website..

Shipping is super fast and the amount of makeup you get is very much worth the price. I think the prices are fair but some might think they're on the high side. There's two types of make up available, pressed and loose shadows. They're priced at $12 each. There's also palettes with 4 pressed shadows in each for $32. I'd suggest the palettes if you're looking to save some money.

Not only are the products fantastic but the packaging is too adorable!

Look at these cute packages!

Here's what I ordered... Two palettes, Burning Heart and Sweetheart... and two loose shadows in colors Royal Sugar and Goldilux

Now onto some swatches =) . .

The first of the palettes is called Burning Heart Quad. .

Love+ - As most make up lovers know, it's very difficult to find an eyeshadow that is a true red color. A lot of the time you either can't find one at all or only find one that is too pink or orange based. Love+ is the perfect red. This color is a must have for anyone who shared the same dilemma of finding a true red =)

Poison Plum - This is a great purple. It's been compared to MakeupForever's #42, which is considered to a lot of people to be the "ultimate purple'. I love it! 

Flamepoint - This is a lovely orange color. It blends seamlessly with Love+.

 ButterCupcake - A very bright, matte yellow. I have to say that out of all the colors I wasn't a huge fan of this one. I found this one to be a little chalky and hard to blend. It's not as smooth as the others are but still a very pigmented color. It just takes a little extra time to make it work with the others.

The second palette is the Sweetheart Quad 

Dollipop - This color reminds me of a princess in a fairy tale. So much pretty going on with this color! It's definitely my favorite of all the pressed shadows =)

After Party - Unlike the majority of the pressed shadows, this one isn't quite matte. It's not a shimmery color either though. It's somewhere in the middle so maybe it's considered "satin". Anyways, it's a beautiful blue!

Midori - Also like After Party, this color isn't matte. It's on the shimmery side. It has some gold/olive tones in it.. Very pretty!

I forgot to swatch Tako *hides* so I'll do it tomorrow and then edit this post.

And now onto the loose shadows. .

Royal Sugar - Wow.. there really aren't word for this one. This is a great example of why it's so important to see a swatch of something. It looks completely different in the jar than when applied. In the jar it looks like pure glitter but when applied(especially wet) it really comes alive. It sorta looks like a matte color with tons of glitter on top. GORGEOUS!

Goldilux - O M G I can't even... This color is my favorite shadow out of anything I own from any company EVER. The picture does not do it justice at all. It's the most sparkley, shiny color I've ever seen. Sometimes I just open the jar and stare at it because it's so incredibly beautiful :D

Here's a look I did using it . . 

Thanks for reading!! =) Leave comments if you'd like <3


  1. Wow, these eyeshadows are super pigmented! I've considered ordering from Sugarpill before, if I did I would get one of the palettes.

  2. You definitely should. I couldn't believe how pigmented these products were. =)