Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another BFTE Review !

Hiii ! Here's another post with  swatches from BFTE, my favorite company! I order from them pretty much every week or so but I was busy and didn't get a chance to post my last order.. so here's a post that combines 2 of my recent orders!

14 eye shadows, 5 cosmetic glitters, 2 false eyelashes... and the amazing owner of BFTE, Crystal, threw in a free full size mineral foundation for being a frequent customer. I was so happy! It's really nice when companies really care and pay attention to their customers so I'm very grateful for that. <3

Now onto some swatches!!

First, these are the beautiful cosmetic glitters that BFTE has!
My favorite of the glitters is "Winner" because out of all the yellow glitters I've purchased in the past, this is the first one that actually looks yellow rather than a light gold. 

P.S. I'm going to be doing an in-depth post on different types of glitter makeup products [including my picks for the best ones] and the best methods to apply them so if you're interested.. keep checking back this week for that!

Livid - 

Voodoo -

Bluebird -

Casablanca Nights -

Chaos - 

Diva -

Vamp -

Go Green -

Fuzzy Navel -

Bombshell -

Karma - 

Aloha -

Wasted Time -

Woozer -

Iced Violets -

Wildfire -

My camera battery died so this post is to be continued... LOL =\


  1. Thank you so much, you do great swatch pics! I love the look of these, and I especially need Voodoo. Casablanca Nights is in the mail right now, I can't wait. :D Looking forward to the rest of your post!

    BTW- Woozer looks really nice in your pic, how do you think it compares to Tangerine?